AIR Aerial Fitness Downtown Naperville

AIR  AERIAL FITNESS Downtown Naperville AIR® stands as the premier aerial fitness training method in the country. This video showcases the elegance and splendor of this workout style. A singular trainer takes center stage, demonstrating the intricate techniques, offering viewers a captivating focal point.Social EditFramesPrevNext


Title Boxing Title Boxing Naperville Hit it Hard Campaign. Online commercial and content shot to show the intensity of the workout experience at Title Boxing. Below are examples of online commercial resized for social, coach, and gym member testimonial.Social EditCoach Social EditTestimonial FramesPrevNext


UFC GYM NAPERVILLE MATRXUFC Gym Naperville, I have been shooting UFC GYM Naperville marketing content for the past four years. Here is an example of some of my latest work. Social EditFramesPrevNext

Jorge Duran

Jorge DuranUFC Gym Naperville Coach and Fitness Competitor is an example of hard work paying off. We shot this video early to catch the sunrise and added drama to the shots with low lighting.Social EditFramesPrevNext