Makeup First Downtown Naperville

Makeup FirstMakeup Firstis the premier makeup training school offering extensive hands-on studio time required to perfect techniques. It is located in Downtown Naperville. I shot this promo working directly with the owner, Jade. Social EditFramesPrevNext

Trilmob Y Los Bad Hombres Blessed

Blessed byTrilmob Y Los Bad HombresThe music video for the song “Blessed” was recorded live, with a stage setup and lighting that create a cinematic atmosphere. Embracing the raw essence of the Hip Hop Metal genre, I used grunge elements and different effects to give the video a unique appearance.PrevNext

Jorge Duran

Jorge DuranUFC Gym Naperville Coach and Fitness Competitor is an example of hard work paying off. We shot this video early to catch the sunrise and added drama to the shots with low lighting.Social EditFramesPrevNext

Barber Haus Chris Blends

Barber HausA new high end barber shop catering to men in the center of downtown Naperville. In this video Barber Chris Blends shapes up a beard inspired by Marvel’s Blade the movie. Social Edit FramesPrevNext

Chicago Botanic Garden

Chicago Botanic GardenI love Botanic Gardens. I find that it nature provides a blank canvas to tell a story. My goal with this type of content is to make the viewer feel like they are in the enviroment.Social EditFramesPrevNext

Ronny Hauser Sunrise Grit

Ronny HauserSunrise GritAs a martial artist, capturing MMA fighters is second nature. I grasp the commitment, early practices, and resilience demanded by the training. Watching the sunrise one morning sparked an idea: How amazing would it be to film someone training amidst that backdrop?Social EditFramesPrevNext